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What’s it about?

It’s about becoming a Star PIGGYBANK®FUNd™ MANAGER - and that’s not a typo either!

What’s a FUNd™ MANAGER? and, more to the point, what’s a FUNd™?

Read on young twinkling (star, geddit, geddit!!) and Ed. Pig will tell you all.
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The game

The PIGGYBANK® Fantasy Stock Exchange™ is a great game, played online - just for kids! Like a real stock exchange, YOU select the companies YOU’d like to buy shares in. The shares become part of your “FUNd” and YOU are its “FUNd™ MANAGER”. To be a star FUNd™ MANAGER you have to be chosen (by a draw) from among those with the biggest FUNd™ in value at the end of each game.
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The winner of each game will receive the Star FUNd™ MANAGER’s prize. First prize is a Piggy Pound 250 gift voucher. There will also be FOUR runners up who will each get a super PIGGYBANK® prize.
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On the floor

Now, some basics to start preparing you. First off, what’s a share? A share is a part of a company. If you buy a share in a company, you are buying part of that company. To prove that you own your share, the company issues you a Share Certificate, an official piece of paper which shows how many shares you own. It may be as little as one share, or it could be millions! The place where people buy and sell their shares - “trading” as it’s called in the business - is called a Stock Exchange. Most countries have their own stock exchanges - sometimes more than one - but one of the most important, and certainly one of the oldest, is the London Stock Exchange.
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Click here for more information about the London Stock Exchange!

Piggy Pound 100 PIGGYBANK®CASH + 10 FREE Shares

OINK! gives you Piggy Pound 100 of PIGGYBANK®Cash and ten FREE shares to start you playing. We have selected 100 companies which we think you’ll recognise (you may even use some of the products they make). Your job, as FUNd™ MANAGER, is to decide which companies you want to invest your money in and then buy or sell your shares depending upon whether they are moving up or down in value. The trick is to pick the shares carefully, sell them when you think they might go down and move your money to other shares which you think might go up in value.
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Make mine a million

It’s not as easy as it sounds. At the London Stock Exchange, one of the oldest exchanges in the world, billions of pounds worth of shares are traded every day. Some go up, many go down, and you have to have nerves of steel and steady concentration. Once you get the hang of it, you may decide to buy some more PIGGYBANK®Cash so you can invest in some more shares. This is easily done. Just follow the links, top up you PIGGYBANK®Card and transfer the money over to your Trading Account. You can use your profits to buy more shares, or put some of it in your PIGGYBANK®Savings Account™.
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Bulls ’n bears and stocks ’n shares

Like all businesses, trading shares has evolved over many years - about 500 actually. During that time, distinct and unusual terms have developed and are now used in the course of every day life in the stock exchanges. OINK! has prepared a glossary or dictionary of terms which are used so you, too, can talk the talk.
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The PIGGYBANK®Savings Account™

Although OINK! gives you Piggy Pound 100 worth of PIGYYBANK® Cash to invest in shares, you may not want to use it all. You may decide to put some of it in the bank, where you know the money will grow, without risk, from the interest the bank gives you. Remember, OINK! provides real time interest rates. Now you can really see how best to manage your money and what to do with it.
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