How to Play - PIGGYBANK® Fantasy Stock Exchange™ Game for Children

Register | Select your portfolio | Watch your shares | Trade shares | Make your money work

How to Play

It’s easy! We’ll show you how...

1. Register

Click on the “Sign Up” icon.
When you get there, enter you name and some personal info.
Then REGISTER! Give yourself an alias - like a nickname, and chose your free Piggy Avatar. Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions - if you want, ask a parent or teacher to go through it with you.
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2. Select your portfolio

Once you have signed up, you will be directed to “My Portfolio” where you will be able to see all the information about your account, and “Card Central” where you can use your Top-Up Card or buy more PIGGYBANK®Cash to shop with.

You’ll see we’ve given you Piggy Pound 100 worth of PIGGYBANK®Cash and access to 10 shares to start trading. Follow the links to the “Trading Floor”. You will see the FREE shares you can trade and the amount you have in your FUNd™. If you decide you’d like more PIGGYBANK®Cash to invest in more shares, follow the links and top up your PIGGYBANK®Card. Then just transfer some PIGGYBANK®Cash from your Top-Up Card over to the your Trading Account.

You can also use your PIGGYBANK®Cash to release more shares, get a new avatar or place some of it, and any profits you may have earned, into your PIGGYBANK®Savings Account. You can make your selection of shares - you can spend all the money or most of it... It is up to you. Once you have bought your shares start trading!
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3. Watching how your shares are doing

Once you have bought your shares, you can keep track of them on the “My Portfolio” page where they will be listed, or by going to “Trading Floor” where your purchased stocks will be highlighted.

To get an overall view of what you’ve got and how much you’ve earned, go to “My Portfolio”. You’ll see at a glance where you are!
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4. Trading shares and making changes to your portfolio

You may want to make changes to your portfolio, that is sell some of your shares and buy different ones. It’s easy. Once you have decided which shares you want to sell, go to the “Trading Floor” where you will see all the shares listed out including the ones you currently own. Just click “Buy” and “Sell” on the relevant ones. You may need to sell first before you can buy - check your “Cash Reserves”. Remember the golden rule: buy low and sell high!
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5. Make your money work

If you have spare cash lying around, you may want to put it into your Savings Account. You will be able to earn interest daily, but you have to have the money in the account overnight to earn any interest.
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